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OPLEX, S.A. de C.V., created in 1955, is the first mexican company of Oplex Group, and its nowdays the leading company in the PVC market in Mexico, dedicated to manufacturing and trading plastic fabrics. Thanks to our continuous renewal, we have great acceptance among local and international consumers. Learn more about www.oplex.com.mx

OPLEX is the authorized distributor TEXSILK® brand in Mexico. TEXSILK® is manufactured by the Spanish company ETISILK, S.A. leader in the manufacture and sale of fabrics for outdoor use.

TEXSILK® is ideal for garden furniture including cushions and parasols, as well as for awnings for the restaurant, hotel and advertising industry.

TEXSILK is a unique product in the North American market with excellent quality and an excellent price.


Application materials TEXSILK awning, outdoor furniture and umbrellas.



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